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  • thaddhud23
    Great and comfortable hats
  • Robert Willis
    Hello From Collierville!Good Luck on your career and your passion.Keep up the good fight defending the 2nd amendment.GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!
  • Zach
    Keep up the good work. You are beautiful.
  • Averi
    I love you beautiful soul & im so proud ❤️
  • Norman Odom
    Sophie, I am a 58 year old male that has grown up the good old same way. It makes me proud to see a Beautiful young Lady doing the things that you do and doing it very well may I say! If a lot of our youth would follow you lead we would be living in a much better world today. I like you started young, I was rabbit hunting at 7 years old and killed my first deer at 9! It was on after that, thanks to my Dad and my Grandfather, I stayed in the woods, hunting and fishing! Culture is trying to change this and I don't it, sorry to take up your time! Norman (Scooter) Odom
  • Jada Aycock
    I love what you stand for Sophie! I have also been raised on a farm in North Carolina not too far from where you go to school at. I think it’s amazing what you do in predominantly male industry! Girls like us have to stick together! Maybe we can meet up and hangout sometime soon! Keep rocking social media ❤️
  • Jody Mullins
    It is always a pleasure seeing women involved in the outdoors and hunting. In some regards you remind me of Kendall Jones in Texas.
  • Walter Broadfoot
    Good Luck Anne and I had cocktails with Grace and Gil yesterday. After seeing your web site I can see why they're so proud of you. Keep chasing your dreams. You are off to a good start. My Best Walter
  • Jorja Swaney
    You have such a great site, Sophie! I'm so impressed by all the brands you work for and think the sky is the limit for you!!!
  • Erin Dietz
    Hi!! I have you added on Snapchat and I just think you are so pretty. You seem just like me. My dad has taught me all about hunting infusing and especially guns. And I love where you work. The fact that you are encouraged to carry at work is awesome! And the shirt you wear that says "don't tread on me" I literally love😍 Anyway have a nice day!!!
  • Randall Swaney
    Excellent!! I'm very proud of you!!:)
  • Grace Uhlhorn
    This is awesome! Quite an amazing young lady!

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