My passion for the outdoors started when I was a little girl on our family farm just outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up on the farm, my Dad and my Grandfather introduced me to the world of hunting and fishing and I instantly loved it! Whether it was an early morning wake- up call to help Dad clean a deer, or to go cat fishing with my Papa, you could always find me outside.

At 21 years old, I realized I wanted to pursue a career in the outdoor industry and I moved to North Carolina to enroll in Gunsmithing school. I was introduced to firearms at a young age on the farm, and from there an interest and passion grew for hunting and conservation. Since moving to North Carolina, I have had the opportunity to partner with amazing companies in the outdoor industry to help share our common passion of all things outdoors with those who also have a passion for it. You can follow my outdoor adventures on my Instagram account to see days full of hunting, conservation and good times!


  • thaddhud23
    Great and comfortable hats
  • Robert Willis
    Hello From Collierville!Good Luck on your career and your passion.Keep up the good fight defending the 2nd amendment.GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!
  • Zach
    Keep up the good work. You are beautiful.
  • Averi
    I love you beautiful soul & im so proud ❤️
  • Norman Odom
    Sophie, I am a 58 year old male that has grown up the good old same way. It makes me proud to see a Beautiful young Lady doing the things that you do and doing it very well may I say! If a lot of our youth would follow you lead we would be living in a much better world today. I like you started young, I was rabbit hunting at 7 years old and killed my first deer at 9! It was on after that, thanks to my Dad and my Grandfather, I stayed in the woods, hunting and fishing! Culture is trying to change this and I don't it, sorry to take up your time! Norman (Scooter) Odom
  • Jada Aycock
    I love what you stand for Sophie! I have also been raised on a farm in North Carolina not too far from where you go to school at. I think it’s amazing what you do in predominantly male industry! Girls like us have to stick together! Maybe we can meet up and hangout sometime soon! Keep rocking social media ❤️
  • Jody Mullins
    It is always a pleasure seeing women involved in the outdoors and hunting. In some regards you remind me of Kendall Jones in Texas.
  • Walter Broadfoot
    Good Luck Anne and I had cocktails with Grace and Gil yesterday. After seeing your web site I can see why they're so proud of you. Keep chasing your dreams. You are off to a good start. My Best Walter
  • Jorja Swaney
    You have such a great site, Sophie! I'm so impressed by all the brands you work for and think the sky is the limit for you!!!
  • Erin Dietz
    Hi!! I have you added on Snapchat and I just think you are so pretty. You seem just like me. My dad has taught me all about hunting infusing and especially guns. And I love where you work. The fact that you are encouraged to carry at work is awesome! And the shirt you wear that says "don't tread on me" I literally love😍 Anyway have a nice day!!!
  • Randall Swaney
    Excellent!! I'm very proud of you!!:)
  • Grace Uhlhorn
    This is awesome! Quite an amazing young lady!

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